How To Choose A VPN Server

Choosing a VPN server

If you follow our blog then you already know all the reasons why you need a VPN. Whether you’re a business owner who has employees working on location, if you’re a student using free Wi-Fi, or if you’re simply shopping online for your husband’s birthday gift, a VPN will protect you from scammers, viruses and potential identity theft. Read more

Tunnelblick Configurations For Ghost Path VPN

Tunnelblick is one of the most popular VPN clients available for Mac. It’s free and powerful, but the setup is a little trickier than most clients. Tunnelblick makes it easy to control your OpenVPN connection to Ghost Path and it easily manages multiple server connections. We also have a dedicated page explaining how to Setup Tunnelblick with Ghost Path.

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Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Many people think hackers are merely people who find a way to break into some company’s servers and steal their data. There are also hackers who simply want to get into your bank account and drain all the money you have. Or perhaps they find out your credit card information and go on a shopping spree. Often, though, hackers are after way more than just your money. Read more

Why You Need To Be Using VPN

We recently found an article by Erica Sadun of TUAW. We couldn’t help but love the way she so smoothly describes VPN and how it can benefit your web surfing and sharing experience. It’s always interesting to see how other industry professionals see VPN and it’s benefits. Read more