Using Ghost Path with Tunnelblick

Video tutorial for configuring Tunnelblick

Tunnelblick is a popular free OpenVPN client for Mac. It’s been around a long time, is still being updated, and is a breeze to use. This post has a video tutorial that walks you through the process of setting up Tunnelblick so that you can quickly and easily access Ghost Path’s VPN servers.

How to install and configure Tunnelblick to work with Ghost Path servers

Here’s the full list of Ghost Path VPN servers. You can click the OpenVPN link for any of those servers to download a pre-config’d OpenVPN file to easily import into Tunnelblick.

Tunnelblick Configurations For Ghost Path VPN

Tunnelblick is one of the most popular VPN clients available for Mac. It’s free and powerful, but the setup is a little trickier than most clients. Tunnelblick makes it easy to control your OpenVPN connection to Ghost Path and it easily manages multiple server connections. We also have a dedicated page explaining how to Setup Tunnelblick with Ghost Path.

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