New VPN Server in Tallin, Estonia

Tallinn Estonia VPN Server

Our newest VPN server location is Tallinn, Estonia. This is our first server ever in Estonia, as we continually look to grow the network footprint for Ghost Path.

Ghost Path VPN Servers

If you are in Estonia or a nearby country then the Tallinn VPN server should be super-fast for you.

We are currently operating 135 servers in 48 countries with hundreds of anonymous IP addresses. Here is an updated list of all the servers that we operate. You are free to connect to any server that you want and you can switch between servers as often as you want.

How To Use The Tallin VPN Server

Launch the Ghost Path VPN client. If you’re already in Estonia the Tallin gateway will be in your Closest Locations connection folder by default.

If you are not close to Estonia but still want to connect to the new server in Tallinn then simply create a new locations folder in the locations tab of the Ghost Path app and drag the Tallin, Estonia server to that folder. Choose that folder from the main tab and you’re ready to go.

About Ghost Path VPN

Ghost Path is an affordable and secure VPN services provider. To keep your browsing history strictly private we never log your data so rest assured. A 7-day free trial is available on select accounts. Give us a try today.