Simple Online Security

The internet is getting increasingly dangerous. Third-parties want to know what you’re doing online. They want to see what websites you’re visiting. They want to steal your banking information. They want to track you. They want your data.

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What does a VPN do?

Ghost Path VPN Keeps You Safe Online

Ghost Path protects your entire internet connection and all of the data that you send and receive, giving you peace of mind and online anonymity.

VPN Data Encryption

Ghost Path gives you bank-grade encryption, insuring that your private data is never exposed.

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VPN Gateways Worldwide

We have over 120 servers in over 35 countries, giving you plenty of connection options.

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Bypass Geographic Restrictions

Want to appear like you are based in the US or Europe? Ghost Path lets you easily bypass geolocation.

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Unlimited VPN Connections

You can use your VPN account on as many devices as you like, with no data transfer limits.

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Free VPN Software

The Ghost Path VPN client makes it easy to get connected and protect your internet connection.

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VPN On Your iPhone & Android

Ghost Path can also protect your mobile data... helpful when jumping on Wi-Fi hotspots.

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