Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ghost Path VPN?

VPN is short for 'Virtual Private Network'. Using a VPN service allows you to create an encrypted connection between your computer and one of our VPN servers. When you connect to a VPN server you are given an anonymous IP address and we encrypt all of the data that you transmit and receive.

Does Ghost Path Keep Me Safer Online?

Yes. A VPN like Ghost Path encrypts your entire internet connection, making it impossible for third-parties to see what you are doing online.

Does VPN Work On My Phone And Tablet?

Absolutely. You can use the OpenVPN Connect app on iOS and Android to connect to any of our VPN servers. We also support legacy PPTP connections if you want to use the built-in VPN connectivity in iOS and Android. Learn how to configure your devices to connect to Ghost Path.

Can I Use VPN On My Router?

Yes, we support using DD-WRT to connect to the VPN at the router level. This is a great way to protect all of your internet connected devices at one time. DD-WRT will only work if it's supported by your router. Learn how to configure your devices to connect to Ghost Path.

Why Should I Use A VPN?

We firmly believe that anyone using the internet needs to use a VPN to make their connection safer. We have in-depth info on our Why You Should Use A VPN page.

What Types Of Data Are Encrypted?

All of the data transmitted/received on your computer & mobile device is encrypted when you are connected to the VPN. This means that not only is your web browsing encrypted, your email, instant messages, etc. are as well.

Does Using A VPN Slow Down My Internet Connection?

When you are using an active VPN connection all of the inbound and outbound traffic on your computer/device is encrypted and transmitted to the VPN server that you're connected to. This results in a slight slowdown versus unencrypted data transmission. However, in some instances you might see your internet speeds increase.

How Do I Choose A VPN Server To Connect To?

Usually the server that is closet to you will result in the fastest speeds. You can use the Ghost Path OpenVPN client to perform speed and connection tests to see which servers are fastest. Other times you may want to connect to a VPN gateway in a specific country so that you can access certain websites or services. The Ghost Path app makes it easy to manage the gateways that you connect to.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN?

Yes, using a VPN is perfectly legal in most countries. If using a VPN is illegal in your country then you should not use Ghost Path.

Can Third-Parties See My Data?

When you are connected to our VPN servers a third-party, such as your ISP, can only see that data is being transmitted. They cannot tell what that data is because it's encrypted.

What is Ghost Path's Logging Policy?

Ghost Path does not keep logs or monitor your activity. Ever. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Will Ghost Path Ever Share My Information With Third-Parties?

The only circumstance in which we would divulge customer information is with a valid subpoena or court order. Without that we will not share information with anyone.

Can I Use Ghost Path VPN On More Than 1 Device/Computer?

Yes, you can use Ghost Path on as many devices as you want. However, you may only use up to 5 connections per account at any time.

Do I have to use the Ghost Path VPN client?

You are free to use any VPN client that you like. Our VPN client is designed to work flawlessly with our network, so it's recommended.

What operating systems support Ghost Path VPN?

All major operating systems allow you to use VPN connections. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS all support VPN connections.

Can I use VPN over any type of internet connection?

Yes. A VPN connection will work over any type of connection, wired or wireless.

Are there any type of limits on a Ghost Path account?

No. There are no download limits, no throttling, no maximum number of server changes, etc. You are free to use our service however you see fit.

How do I change VPN plans?

It's easy to change plans. Just login to our website and click on "Plan".

What types of payment does Ghost Path accept?

We accept a variety of payment options. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Paypal, and Bitcoin payments. We also accept money orders and cash payments by mail.

How do I cancel my account?

It's easy to cancel. Just login to our website and click on "Plan". Then follow the Cancel link.

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