How To Hide Your IP Address

Hide IP Address

Hiding your IP address is easy with Ghost Path.

Every website that you visit can see your IP address. You have absolutely no control over what they do with that IP address once you've given it to them. Your IP address can be used to track and identify you. That's why it is important to hide your IP address.

Ghost Path Hides Your IP Address

Ghost Path is a VPN service that can hide your IP address. When you connect to Ghost Path your IP address gets replaced with ours, making it impossible for websites to see your real IP address. This results in increased security and privacy online.


All of your data is encrypted with a high-security key as it travels across our network. None of your private data is ever exposed.

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Multiple Servers

We have servers in over 40 countries, giving you plenty of connection options.

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Bypass Geographic Restrictions

Want to appear like you are based in the US or Europe? No problem. VPN servers in multiple countries lets you bypass geographic restrictions.

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