Inside the Mind of a Hacker

Many people think hackers are merely people who find a way to break into some company’s servers and steal their data. There are also hackers who simply want to get into your bank account and drain all the money you have. Or perhaps they find out your credit card information and go on a shopping spree. Often, though, hackers are after way more than just your money.

What Hackers Are Looking For

Power. Hackers are often on a power trip and want to show how they can get inside your head and take pretty much whatever they want. There are many things a person want to steal from you for their own benefit, or simply because they can.

Your Money. As we stated above, many hackers just want to get into your wallet. Hackers like this steal for a living and you are, more than likely, not their only victim. Once they get all your money, whether it be from your bank account, credit cards, savings, retirement funds, investments, etc., they will just move on to their next target.

Your Identity. Your identity is perhaps the most valuable item someone can steal from you. Identity thieves don’t just want your money, they want your existence. They will often use your information to gain credit, use your credit, use your social security number for government purposes, and ultimately put your name on things you are completely unaware of. Identity theft continues to be the quickest growing crime.

Your Confidential Files. This is particularly pertinent for business owners and organizations that have valuable information that hackers may be interested in. This could be top-secret information only your company is aware of, a product you are trying to build, a service your organization offers, or files that the hacker thinks would benefit him/her in some way.

VPN is Your Best Bet

You never really know what a hacker is after. That is why it is so important to make sure you are always secure online, especially in a public place. When you’re using public Internet, it becomes much easier for a hacker to see what you’re doing online and steal the information they want. VPN’s encrypt your data and give you the best protection available against hackers of all types.

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