Latest Version of the Ghost Path VPN Client Now Available

new version vpn client

We’ve just released the latest version of our Ghost Path VPN client. We recommend all Ghosts download and install the new version as soon as possible.

Here are some of the changes / enhancements in this latest release:

  • Updated openvpn binaries, openssl libraries, certificates in response to Heartbleed
  • Fixed issue caused by having too many gateway servers in a group. Lowered to match openvpn argument limits.
  • Gateway status indicators in application header.
  • Remove inactive gateway servers from connection list when starting a VPN session.
  • Improved descriptions for connection status. Takes leak support status into consideration.
  • Mac OS X: Updated build environment, libs, etc.. this fixed some random crashes.
  • Other small bugfixes and cosmetic changes.

As always, contact support if you run into any problems at all.

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