Announcing Our Newest VPN Gateways

We have been busily working to grow our VPN network across the globe by continually adding new VPN gateways in new countries. So far in 2013 we have added gateways in several cities in the US and UK, as well as new gateways in Bucharest, Romania and Riga, Latvia.

Why Keep Adding Gateways

Each new gateway that we add is a new possibility. The most obvious reason for adding new gateways is to bring them geographically closer to users. The closer you are to a gateway that faster your connection should be.

Another reason is that each gateway gives you another option for where you want your traffic to originate from. If you need your traffic to appear to be from San Jose vs Los Angeles or San Diego then you’ll need the server that we have in San Jose. More gateways makes it easier to get around geographically blocked content.

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