12 Simple Tips for Online Safety

Internet Safety Tips

Here are 12 simple, quick tips for protecting yourself online. Many of these tips are very obvious, however, they are often the ones we forget about the most. Never underestimate the intelligence and perseverance of websites and hackers looking to steal your important information and documents. Often the smallest errors or negligence mistakes are the ones that harm your safety the most.

Follow these tips to ensure your identity stays yours and your private documents do not end up in the wrong hands.

Tips for searching and surfing safety:

  • Do business with only known and recommended companies. Do not trust unknown websites and pages.
  • Do not type in passwords or log in information on unknown websites.
  • Do not complete forms from unknown websites.
  • Completely close out windows with any bank information or important documents.
  • Do not leave up open pages in public.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended, even with a familiar face.
  • Do not change any passwords if a website encourages.

 Tips for email safety:

  • Do not open mail from unknown senders.
  • Do not respond to unknown pop-ups from any emails.
  • If you do not have a VPN, do not email sensitive and private information via email.
  • Delete any unknown mail from unknown senders.
  • Empty your spam folder frequently.

Your Turn

What simple tips and advice do you have? How do you stay safe online? Comments and conversation welcome!