New VPN Server in Lanseria, South Africa

Want to catch the latest episodes of Netflix’s Stranger Things and don’t know how. Well wonder no more! We have recently added a VPN server in Lanseria, South Africa. This server is an additional gateway in South Africa bringing the total number to two for our South African customers.

We currently operate in 47 countries with access to over 136 servers worldwide. We are ambitiously scaling our infrastructure to better improve our services as well as grow our user base.

How to Use the Lanseria, South Africa VPN Server

Open up the Ghost Path VPN client. If you’re in South Africa then the new Lanseria VPN gateway will automatically show up in your closest locations connection folder. You can also connect to the Lanseria server from outside the country. All you need to do is create a custom location folder and drag the Lanseria server into that folder.

About Ghost Path VPN

Ghost Path is a leading VPN provider based out of the US. To make sure that we offer the best privacy we never log your data and offer top-notch security for all of our users. If you’d like to try us out before committing, we offer a 7-day free trial on select VPN accounts and with pricing as low as $5 a week, you can be sure we have pocket-friendly prices.