New VPN Server in Charlotte, NC

Tired of the lag while playing your favorite MMORPG? You can now breathe easy. We’ve recently added a VPN server in Charlotte, North Carolina. Receiving and sending data packets is now a breeze! You can easily play with your pals in the States while halfway across the world at the speed of light!

Ghost Path VPN Servers

Ghost Path operates over 136 servers across the world with 50 of these located in the United States spread out from coast to coast. Whether you want to access geo-restricted content or test SEO and marketing strategies for your website or your clients you can rest assured Ghost Path has your back!

How to Use the Charlotte VPN Server

First thing you need to do is open the Ghost Path VPN client. If you happen to be in North Carolina home to Smokey Mountains, the Charlotte VPN gateway will show in your Closest Locations folder by default. If you’re outside of North Carolina and would like to connect to the Charlotte server, create a custom location folder and drag the Charlotte server into that folder.

About Ghost Path VPN

We are a pocket-friendly VPN provider that does not cheap out on our infrastructure. We play by the book to keep it robust and secure to always maintain your privacy. Would you like to find out for yourself? We offer a 7-day free trial on select VPN accounts. Our pricing is as low as $5!