How To Avoid Location-Based Restrictions With Ghost Path

Large content providers such as Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC lock their content so that only viewers in their chosen territory can gain access. For example, Netflix streaming is only available to viewers in the United States. That means that a Netflix subscriber on vacation in Europe won’t be able to watch their favorites shows. Read on to learn how to get around geographic restrictions.

About Location Restrictions

Geolocation is the process of determining where an internet user is geographically located. Each device that you use to connect to the internet, even your smartphone, is assigned an internet protocol (IP) address. An IP address is usually tied to a certain ISP, and therefore a certain location. There are large global databases of IP addresses and the location that they are connected to. This makes it fairly easy for a provider such as Netflix to be able to determine where you’re located.

Using a VPN

When you use a VPN such as Ghost Path you are connected to the internet through our servers, and only relayed through your ISP. Ghost Path offers servers in dozens of countries, so you have many options for connecting. If you connect to a server in London then your traffic will appear to be originating from London. The same goes for any other server.

So, for Netflix, you can connect to any of the Ghost Path servers in the United States to gain access (you’ll still need your Netflix account).

Geolocation Defeated

This same process should work to defeat any geolocation attempts provided. Some devices, such as your iPhone, might have alternative location services, such as GPS, that also broadcast your location. You’ll want to turn those off as well.

How To Get Started

You can start getting around location restrictions today by creating your Ghost Path account. Then follow the instructions and enjoy!

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc