New VPN Server in Prague, Czech Republic

Map of Prague VPN Server

Our latest VPN server is in Prague. The addition of Prague gives Europeans a new connection option, as there are now several VPN gateways in Europe.

Ghost Path VPN Servers

Ghost Path is now operating over 147 VPN gateways in over 46 different countries providing over 229 IP addresses. We are continually expanding and improving our VPN infrastructure so that Ghost Path customers have the best and most reliable VPN connections possible.

How to Use the Prague VPN Server

Open up the Ghost Path VPN client. If you’re in the Czech Republic then the new Prague gateway will automatically show up in your Closest Locations connection folder. If you happen to be outside of the Czech Republic and want to connect to this server then you should create a custom location folder and drag the Prague server into that folder.

About Ghost Path VPN

Ghost Path is a leading VPN provider in the United States. We offer the best privacy and security around and never log your data. We offer a 7-day free trial on select VPN accounts, so give us a try today.


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