Latest VPN Server Additions

New VPN Gateways

We’ve added several additional VPN gateways recently in locations where we had existing gateways. This gives us even more capacity in our busiest locations. That means better connectivity and speed for our customers. We’ve recently added additional gateways in the following locations:

  • Phoenix, AZ USA
  • Salt Lake City, UT USA
  • Seattle, WA USA
  • Dallas, TX USA
  • Chicago, IL USA
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Frankfurt, Germany

Why Add Additional VPN Gateways?

The more users you have connecting through a particular gateway the slower it will get. Having 2 servers with 500 users each is preferable to a single server with 1000 users, for example. We want to make sure that our customers never have problems connecting to a server and that they always get the best speeds possible. That’s why we will always continue investing in our network and growing the number of VPN gateways we offer. We’re constantly adding gateways in completely new cities (like Philadelphia or Coventry), but it’s just as important to beef up our capacity in existing cities.

How Do You Use the New Gateways?

Chances are you’re probably already using them if you live near one of the new additions. The “Closest Locations” folder in the Ghost Path VPN client will automatically find them and add them to the rotation. If you want to connect to one of the new servers specifically then you can just create a new location folder and add only the server you want to use. You can also download Viscosity and OpenVPN files from our VPN server list.

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